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Please help support our preservation and archiving projects now underway.

MN Media Arts is here to help!
Please consider supporting our efforts through an operations donation or a special project contribution.

Our cultural history captured on videotape is 'in crisis'. While access to viable video playback equipment is increasingly more difficult, the magnetic tape medium itself is 'breaking down' and disintegrating. We all need to take immediate action to stabilize our media collections, through an archive management and preservation process or this rich, valuable, cultural heritage may disappear forever!

Minnesota Media Arts is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization with a mission to preserve, catalog, and provide improved access to Minnesota's media arts programs recorded as documentation and creative expression. We were founded in 1983 as the Twin Cities Cable Arts Consortium to promote and distribute arts programming on Cable TV systems throughout Minnesota. We are continuing to work with Minnesota's creative communities, both individuals and organizations, to better manage and stabilize their media collections to preserve our rich and expressive Minnesota cultural heritage. We do this by offering educational resources, research, media archive collection care management, and archival quality media preservation and digital conversion services.

Your donations will help us maintain our services as we:

1- Build a digital repository and support cataloging of legacy digital media assets
2- Continue to provide archival quality preservation and digital conversion services for the art communities through our media preservation labs.
3- Explore and research new metadata schemas and often evolving digital media preservation standards
4- Create a 'funding strategy' for our 2022 office space (we were forced to consolidate into smaller remote offices during the Covid-19 Pandemic) to continue engaging our target audiences through our preservation media lab, presentations, as well as educational events such as Community Media Archiving Workshops.

You can donate anytime via our secure fundraising portal

Questions? Contact Mark at MN Media Arts 612-801-7355

Current projects under development include:

1 - Melisande Charles Video Art Collection)(1972-2010)

Funds are needed to preserve her collection by securing better environmental storage facilities. Continuing with our cataloging and metadata efforts while preparing the collection for further digital conversion. MNMA is starting the research and script development for a documentary program based on collection assets and historical footage, including video interviews conducted with Ms Charles in the year before her death, September 2, 2017 at age 86.

2 - Cable Arts Consortium Archive (1985-1993)

With generous support through a Legacy Fund Grant through the Minnesota Historical Society, we successfully conmpleted the initial metadata cataloging and digital conversion of the Cable Arts Consortium Archive collection. The video collection of 60+ programs from the early to late 1980s, features artist programming, produced by arts and cultural organizations in Minnesota, and was originally assembled for distribution on Cable TV systems throughout Minnesota. Your financial support will continue to help MNMA build out a web access portal to make these programs more accessible.

3 - University Community Video/Intermedia Arts "Changing Channels Series" Collection (1974-1978)

UCV/Intermedia Arts was a pioneer organization in the community media and "Guerilla Television" landscape of the 1970's, integrating video "portapak" training and producing the "Changing Channels" series featuring community focused content broadcast on KTCA-TV Channel 2, in St. Paul Minnesota. These innovative programs were one of the earliest examples of a weekly alternative media broadcast program in the United States that was produced and edited using this groundbreaking new technology. MN Media Arts is continuing to further define the CC series metadata, broadcast timeline, confirming program titles, length, producer and copyright information. Our goal is to secure funding to digitize the collection and make it available for research purposes via an online catalog finding aid. Your support will help with these efforts to bring the series out of "deep storage" to start the digital preservation process before the original media further degrades. The CC series and other early UCV programs like "Everybody's TV Time" and subsequent Intermedia Arts video programs were donated to the Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS) back in 1994.that currently secures the collection and is also helping to identify additional collection care and conversion funds.

Provide Ongoing support for MNMA's Media Preservation Lab Research and Conversions Services 2016-2022!

4 - General Media Lab Conversions 2016-2022 Support

MNMA is continuing to expand its media preservation and conversion capabilities through legacy video equipment formats with test and signal monitoring and digital conversion cards. We are fulfilling our goal to offer cost effective media conversion services to Artists, Media Producers and Arts/Cultural institutions. Our video formats include, EIAJ 1/2" Open Reel, 1" Type C Open Reel, Hi8/8mm, VHS/SVHS, 3/4" U-matic videocassette. Betacam-SP videocassette, Mini/DV and DVCAM cassettes. We have also improved our tape preparations to include de-hydrolysis to handle the problematic sticky shed syndrome (SSS) impacting videotapes associated with legacy video media manufacturers and poor storage solutions.

You can donate anytime via our secure fundraising portal  

Questions? Contact Mark at MN Media Arts 612-801-7355


Contributing and Supporting MN Media Arts though technology donations.

We also are very grateful for the donations of used video equipment. Our Media Lab has received equipment donations from Medtronic, Saving Tapes-Cargill, City of Rivers Falls WI, University of Wisconsin-River Falls, Northwestern University-St. Paul, Eagan Television. Craig Sinard Productions, Digital Pictures, Greg Stiever Productions, and Big Bang Productions, Mark Stanley, 4insight and Ron McCoy, McCoy & Associates.

We are still interested in computers, hard drives, servers and video monitors. We are continuing to search for legacy video format recorders/players: EIAJ 1/2" reel-to-reel VTRs, Betamax, Hi-8, S-VHS, 3/4" U-matic VCRs and operating Digital Betacam, Betacam-SP, DV-Cam and Mini-DV VCRs, TBC's, Proc Amps, test scopes, manuals etc.

Most importantly, we are seeking people who know how to repair and maintain legacy video equipment. Referrals and Volunteers would be greatly appreciated.

Minnesota Media Arts
Minneapolis, MN

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