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Links to Resources Online

Annotated: 2016 

Our Recommended Video Archive Standards

Digitization Process and Guides

Bay Area Video Coalition (excellent place to start)
Jim Wheeler’s Videotape preservation handbook - Glossary & Formats

Local Minnesota Resources - Conversion and Duplication Facilities    Tape and film transfers, DVD-R     Archival Storage Facility, File Conversions     CD and DVD duplication and replication    Video/Film/Slide duplication and transfer

Organizations that specialize in Video Archive work: 
Media Burn Chicago (featured in Craig Sinard’s Blog March 2016)
Bay Area Video Coalition ( Pioneering 70’s group that has a wealth of information- Start Here!)   |
Library of Congress article from 2013
George Blood, Philadelphia, PA transfer firm, good overview,
Specs Bros in New Jersey, Good resource, Process steps and white papers 

Preservation Links:

Minnesota Historical Society - preservation of collections, digital conversion

Smithsonian Institution Archives - preserving Film, Audio, and Video

Smithsonian Digitization - Analog to Digital 

Smithsonian- Digitization on Demand

CLIR - Dance in the American Cultural Context

Presentations Online

Link: TPT- Minnesota Video Vault (requires flash plugin)

Museums featuring media preservation

Museum of Modern Art (NYC) In depth story about their preservation efforts

School of the Art institute of Chicago Video Data Bank Library

California Online Featuring The Long Bearch Museum of Art Video Archive

Good 2007 NYTimes article about the same Archive.

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